Roof tarp installation and water mitigation services

Why should I tarp my roof?

October 22, 2019

Placing a tarp is an integral part of the presentation of your claim with your insurance company. 

Your policy states that as homeowner you must always take the proper steps of intervention. When your roof is leaking, a tarp is considered a temporary repair to prevent further damages. People often times get denied by their insurance company because they allowed a simple leak to get worse over time. Tarping your roof demonstrates that you are a responsible homeowner and that you adhere to conditions set forth in your insurance policy.


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Great company to work with! From beginning to end very informative and fair pricing. I was highly impressed and will use them again in the future! Thank you!   JC

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Excellent and professional tarp installation!!  I am very grateful for your services, Thank you so much! -   Daniel & Marie Calixte

The best tarp company, they really care!
North Miami, FL

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